Who we are

Presentation and introduction of the page:

With more than 15 years of experience in design and graphics, we are one of the pioneering agencies in Cambridge. At the base we work in art and sculpture, then we have with our know-how in art and with our diploma in beautiful art in France, we have launched a project of webdesign agency.

The agency has been open for 15 years, we work mainly with local and some international clients.

Our skills and expertise

Our skills are: web design, graphic design and website creation. We also create graphics in paper format and also flyers and business cards.

See the agency teams

Our team is composed of the director, two draftsmen from the fine arts in Paris and a social media manager and a WordPress developer programmer.

Discover our team below

The head of the agency: Darrel Blinston

Darrel Blinston

Designers and graphic designer: Anthony Packston and Larry Pageont

Anthony Packston

Load it with media communication: Ashley Marton

Ashley Marton

Programmer dev WordPress: Mike Andonio

Mike Andonio